As a result of the recent high rainfalls and subsequent flooding Melbourne Water is working with emergency services and other relevant agencies to review the impacts to our waterways and assets. 

For flood or storm emergency assistance, contact the VIC SES on 132 500 and for life threatening emergencies call 000. 

You can access current emergency information by calling the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226 or sign up to receive regular updates regarding flooding via the emergency.vic.gov.au website and app.

Standards for plans and design drawings

Summary of changes to LDM Section 6.0 Construction Specifications, Nov 2009 6.2.1

​Standard ​Description ​Notes
AS 1012​ ​Methods of testing concrete ​Replaces AS 1212 (incorrect standard specified)
AS 1245-2002​ ​PVC pipes and fittings for storm and surface water applications ​No change
AS 1289​ ​Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes ​No change
AS 1319-1994​ ​Safety signs for the occupational environment ​New
AS 1379-2007​ ​The specification and supply of concrete ​Updated from AS 1379-1997
AS 1449-1980 Wrought alloy steels stainless and heat resisiting steel plate, sheet and strip ​Deleted, superseded by AS 4673-2001 and ISO 3506-2009
AS 1554.3-2008​ ​Structural steel welding - welding of reinforcing steel ​Updated from AS 1554.3-2002
AS 1646-2007​ ​Rubber ring joints for water supply, sewerage and drainage purposes ​Specified 2007 version
AS 1657-1992​ ​SAA Code for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders ​No change
AS/NZS 2032-2006​ ​Code of Practice for installation of UPVC pipe systems ​Updated from AS 2032-1977
AS/NZS 2033-2008​ ​Installation of polyethylene pipe systems ​Updated from AS 2033-1980
AS 2124-1992​ ​General conditions of contract ​No change
​AS 2187.1-1998 ​Explosives - storage, transport and use - storage ​No change
​AS 2187.2-2006 ​Explosives - storage, transport and use - use of explosives ​Updated from AS 2187.2-1993
AS 2566.2-2002​ ​Buried flexible pipeslines - installation ​No change
AS 2837-1986 Wrought alloy steels stainless steel bars and semi finished products Deleted, superseded by AS 4673-2001 and ISO 3506-2009​
AS 3500.3​ ​National plumbing and drainage - stormwater drainage ​No change
​AS 3600-2009 ​Concrete structures ​Updated from AS 3600-2009
​AS 3610-1995 ​Formwork of concrete ​No change
AS 3690-2009​ ​Installation of ABS pipe systems ​Updated from AS 3690-1989
​AS 3725-2007 ​Loads on buried concrete pipes ​Updated from AS 3725-1989
​AS 3996-2006 ​Metal access covers, road grates and frames ​Updated from AS 3996-1992
​AS 4058-2007 ​Precast concrete pipes (pressure and non-pressure) ​Updated from AS 4058-1992
​AS 4139-2003 ​Fibre reinforced concrete pipes and fittings ​No change
​AS 4198-1994 ​Precast concrete access chambers for sewerage applications ​No change
​AS/NZS 4671-2001 ​Steel reinforcing materials ​No change
​AS/NZS 4673-2001 ​Cold-formed stainless steel structures ​New, along with ISO 3506-2009 replaces AS 1449 and AS 2837
​AS/NZS 4680-2006 Hot-dipped galvanised (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles​ ​Updated from AS 4680-1999
AS/NZS 4792-2006​ ​Hot-dipped galvanised (zinc) coatings on ferrous hollow sections, applied by a continous or a specialised process ​Updated from AS 4792-1999
​ASTM D2922-04 ​Standard test methods for density of soil and soil-aggregate in place by nuclear methods (shallow depths) ​No change
ISO 3506-2009​ ​Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners ​New, along with AS 4673 replaces AS 1449 and AS 2837
​ISO 9002-1998 ​Quality systems - model for quality assurance in productions, installations and servicing ​No change
​77.A.079 ​Sands and crushed rock ​No change



Last updated:
27 September 2017