As a result of the recent high rainfalls and subsequent flooding Melbourne Water is working with emergency services and other relevant agencies to review the impacts to our waterways and assets. 

For flood or storm emergency assistance, contact the VIC SES on 132 500 and for life threatening emergencies call 000. 

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Silvan Reservoir

Silvan Reservoir is the heart of the water transfer system, supplying most parts of metropolitan Melbourne. It stores water transferred from the Upper Yarra, O’Shannassy and Thomson reservoirs and other creeks in the Yarra catchment.

The water from Silvan Reservoir flows out to service reservoirs across suburban Melbourne, typically spanning Somerton to Emerald. When mixed with water from Sugarloaf Reservoir, water from Silvan is supplied even further out west to suburbs such as St Albans and Werribee.

Silvan Reservoir can transfer water to Cardinia and Greenvale reservoirs. Water can also be pumped from Cardinia Reservoir to Silvan Reservoir, enabling desalinated water to be supplied to other parts of Melbourne and surrounds.

Key facts

The dam at Silvan Reservoir is an earthfill embankment with reinforced concrete core wall, and was completed in 1932.

Water is disinfected to destroy residual micro-organisms at the Silvan Water Treatment Plant, which is operated and maintained by Melbourne Water under a Major Hazard Facility licence from WorkSafe Victoria.

Aerial image of Silvan Reservoir

  • Catchment area: 900 hectares (off-stream storage)
  • Surface area: 333 hectares
  • Total capacity: 40,445 megalitres
  • Dam height: 40 metres
  • Dam length: 650 metres

Rainfall over the years

View highlights from our historical rainfall data for Silvan Reservoir, including annual rainfall, monthly averages, and the wettest and driest years by month.

Live rainfall and water storage data

Get the latest information on each of our 10 major reservoirs, including daily water storage levels and hourly rainfall data.

Annual rainfall at Silvan (1921-2021)

Graph of annual rainfall (mm) at Silvan Reservoir, 1921-2021

Monthly rainfall records (mm)

Last updated: January 2022

Month Wettest Driest Average
January​ 221.2 (1963)​ 3.8 (1990)​ 63.3
February​ 258.8 (1939)​ 0.0 (1956)​ 65.0
March​ 244.3 (1931)​ 2.3 (1951)​ 66.3​
April​ 330.2 (1935)​ 0.0 (1923)​ 98.7
May​ 327.7 (1944)​ 8.4 (1934)​ 114.5
June​ 259.8 (1952)​ 21.1 (1972)​ 108.2
July​ 299.5 (1952)​ 32.0 (2001)​ 114.0
August​ 302.5 (1939)​ 30.8 (1982)​ 122.4
September​ 302.5 (1957)​ 29.2 (2018) 114.0
October​ 277.6 (1934)​ ​24.1 (1938) 116.2
November​ 223.8 (1954)​ 10.7 (1927​ 101.5
December​ 318.8 (1934)​ 4.6 (1972)​ 89.4
Annual total​ 1786.9 (1952)​ 724.2 (2018)​ 1173.5
Last updated:
28 January 2022