As a result of the recent high rainfalls and subsequent flooding Melbourne Water is working with emergency services and other relevant agencies to review the impacts to our waterways and assets. 

For flood or storm emergency assistance, contact the VIC SES on 132 500 and for life threatening emergencies call 000. 

You can access current emergency information by calling the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226 or sign up to receive regular updates regarding flooding via the emergency.vic.gov.au website and app.

If you are buying, selling, or planning to develop or renovate a property it is important that you understand if it is subject to flooding.

Developing or renovating a property

Potential flooding can affect your development plans. If you’re developing or renovating a property, we can provide you with flood level information. We can also review your development plans and advise of any amendments you may need to make if you're in a flood-prone area. This will save you time and effort if you need to apply to council for a planning or building permit.

It is important to note that a flood level certificate does not provide our consent to develop your property.

Purchasing or selling property

If you are seeking flood level information for a property that you are buying or selling, you can request a flood level certificate or a property information statement.

Property information statements are more detailed than flood certificates. They may be included in a vendor statement or Section 32 certificate for any property for sale.

Application process

You can get a flood level certificate from:

The LANDATA and Dye & Durham services cost approximately $50 and can take 10 business days.

Property information statements are available from:

The LANDATA service costs approximately $50 and can take 10 business days. Costs and times vary for each water retailer.


The process takes 14 days for us to process and email you a written response.

Incomplete applications may be delayed or returned requesting additional information.


There is a $48.63 charge for this service.

Guidelines and standards

For more information read our:

Contact us

If you need any help to complete this application, contact us on 131 722.

Last updated:
24 June 2022