Readings for next Sunday, 16th July:

Genesis 25: 19-34                  Psalm 119:105 - 112        

Romans 8: 1-11                     Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23


Your Feedback wanted! Members of the Ministry Settlement Board would very much like to hear your response to their open letter in the last Coastal Press. Please share your thoughts with any of the following: Jack Rutherford, Sybil Kirkwood, Pete Strang, Kath Fa’Asega, Glenyce Hall or Lynda McLachlan or contact the Rev Tokerau Joseph on 477 7150.


Hospital Bed-pushing: Coastal Unity is rostered to help patients attend the hospital chapel service on Sunday 6th August. If you are able to help on this day, please let Wendy know as soon as possible.


St Margaret’s Presbyterian Women will meet at 1.30pm THIS Tuesday 11th July for their AGM. The Rev Graeme Munro will be the speaker.


“Exploring Women’s Christian Spirituality” Wednesday 12th July, 7pm in the OUSA – Evison Lounge, 84 Albany St. This will be an evening of shared stories and discussion and exploring of spiritual connection and growth within and beyond a Christian church setting. At a time when women are still finding their voice in many areas, this is an opportunity to explore together where women find their spiritual strength. Come, share and listen within a safe environment.


Caversham Connect – July Edition is available at the parish office or on the Dutton Lounge Noticeboard. This is a very informative local newsletter to which you can subscribe online or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask to be added to the email distribution list.


Radio Church every Sunday morning from 8.30 – 9am a recorded worship service is offered on Otago Access Radio 105.4 FM or online via Please share this with your shut-in friends and those unable to attend regular church services.


Presbyterian Support’s People magazine – copies of this are on the back table – please feel free to take one home. If you wish to receive your own copy in future please contact Michelle Gerwitz on 477 7115 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




This Week:

Monday 10th                7.30pm          Green Island Property Committee

Tuesday 11th               1.30pm          Green Island Presbyterian Women AGM

Wednesday 12th          6.45pm          Session in Dutton Lounge

                                    7.30pm          Resourcing for Mission in Dutton Lounge

Thursday 13th            10.00am          Fruit & Vege depot

                                   11.00am         Service at St Clair Park Residential Centre

                                  11.30am           Lunch@Sidey

                             5 – 5.45pm           Fruit & Vege depot

Sunday 16th                 9.30am           Morning worship at Caversham

                                  10.30am          Morning tea at St Margaret’s Green Island

                                  11.00am          Morning worship at St Margaret’s Green Island