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We’re creating tree canopy over the Merri Creek Trail at Galada Tamboore so that it can be enjoyed by the local community for more days of the year as part of our Urban Cooling Program.

Why this is important

Tree canopy creates shade from the summer sun, improving the comfort of cyclist and pedestrians. When it is warm and sunny, tree shade alone can make it feel 10 degrees cooler.

Galada Tamboore IMG1

By creating tree canopy over a walking and cycling trail, this project is:

  • enabling the trail to be enjoyed for more days of the year

  • improving access for recreation

  • improving community health and wellbeing

What this project involves

This project is part of Melbourne Water’s Urban Cooling Program, working with councils and community groups paths and trails into cooler and enjoyable community spaces.

Planting 100 red gum trees along both sides of the Merri Creek Trail, as well as 1,700 native shrubs and grasses to create some understory garden beds.

This project will enhance amenity and public use of the shared path through Galada Tamboore, while protecting remnant grassland vegetation and biodiversity values within the reserve. Tree canopy will create shade to improve the comfort of cyclists and pedestrians by protecting them from summer sun.

We thank the Merri Creek Management Committee and Hume City Council for their feedback and input into the project.

 About our cooling program

We're working with stakeholders and the community to transform public land across Melbourne, creating greener and cooler spaces that can be enjoyed for more days of the year. 

Planting at Galada Tamboore

This can be done by planting trees and vegetation for shade, and providing water to improve vegetation health and evapotranspiration – or both.

Vegetation and water used to cool green space can also:

  • provide habitat

  • improve amenity

  • help manage stormwater flow into waterways


To date, as part of the Urban Cooling Program, we delivered 30 hectares of shade and cooling at Jacana Wetlands, Edithvale Wetlands and along the Maribyrnong River in Footscray.

Learn more about why we’re giving Melbourne shade.

Your feedback

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Last updated:
20 October 2022