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Project Update

Relining of the Epsom Road Main Sewer along Epsom Road, Ascot Vale, Macaulay Road, between Eastwood Street and Chelmsford Street and between Lloyd Street and Arden Street, Kensington, is now complete.

Pump stations in these areas are being progressively demobilised, and the above ground bypass pipelines are being disconnected from the sewer maintenance holes and removed.

In areas where the pipeline is submerged in temporary underground trenches, below driveways and footpaths, the piping is being lifted and the trenches are being remediated.

You may see our crews working as final works are undertaken along the sewer alignment over the next few weeks.

Traffic changes will be in place and some noise will be experienced while we continue these final stages of work.

Thank you for your understanding and support while we undertake these essential works.

Update as of 12 September 2022

Project Information

Melbourne Water is completing upgrade works to the Epsom Road main sewer (EPS) as part of a four-year, $100-million program to upgrade ageing sewer pipes and maintenance holes across Melbourne.

The EPS is part of our 400-kilometre network of underground pipes and tunnels, safely transferring over 320,000 million litres of sewage to our treatment plants each year. Some sections of this world-class sewerage system were built more than a century ago and are coming to the end of their working life.

Sewer relining works on the Epsom Road Main Sewer will be focused along Epsom Road, Ascot Vale and Macauley Road, Elizabeth Street and Arden Street, Kensington. To support the works sewer bypass networks and eduction points will be in place in surrounding areas.

The renewal works will extend the sewer sections service life for up to 50 years

Epsom Road Sewer project overview

Why is this project important?

The EPS transfers sewage flows from Melbourne's inner western suburbs to the North Yarra Main (NYM) to the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee.

Routine inspections identified that upgrade work is needed to keep this vital asset functioning.

The project is an important initiative for the residents of the inner western suburbs. It will ensure the sewer continues to provide the community with a secure and reliable sewerage service for decades to come.

What are we doing and when?

The rehabilitation of the sewer will involve:

  • Investigation works to find out more about the asset to inform works planning and design
  • Modification works to the top collar of the maintenance hole (below ground level) including the removal of ladders and penstocks within the maintenance hole to allow space for the relining activity and personnel access 
  • Sewer cleaning the sections that will be relined to ensure there are no obstructions
  • Installation of above ground sewer bypass networks in the surrounding areas to move sewage flows away from properties and the work zone
  • Reline the sewer by inserting a sleeve into the existing pipe and setting it with UV light to form a new sewer wall with a 50-year design life

Stage One - Investigation works: Complete


Stage Two - Preparation works: Underway until August

Maintenance hole modification and sewer bypass network installation


Stage 3 - Relining Activity: July to September

Cleaning, relining and bypass network operation


Stage 4 - Reinstatement: September to October


What to expect during our works?

  • Working hours: Work will take place during the day and at night time.
    • Day shift work hours are - Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm, and Saturday 7am to 1pm.
    • Night shift work hours are - Sunday to Friday 7pm to 6am.
    • Please note during the relining works crews will work continuous day and night shifts until the sections are complete.
  • Night works will be required for the project: Night works will be undertaken for various activities including modification to the maintenance holes, bypass pipeline installations in and near roadways and for bypass network installation. The relining works will operate day and night (24/7) as the process cannot stop once it has commenced.
  • Noise: Noise will be generated from the operation of machinery including large trucks that clean the sewer and suck out the content removed during the process. Generators, cranes and noise from the work crew is also expected. Mitigation measures for noise will be implemented where possible.
  • Odour: Some odour is expected when carrying out the works due to harmless gases escaping maintenance holes when opened.
  • Traffic changes: There will be changes to traffic conditions, including lane closures, reduced speed limits, road closures, parking restrictions and driveway closures for some properties. Detours will be implemented when required. We encourage you to be careful around work areas and observe new signs.

Keeping in touch

Before and during construction, we'll provide information about the works in several ways:

  • bulletins/newsletters in the surrounding areas
  • door knocking directly impacted businesses and residents 
  • social media posts
  • web page updates

Utilising 'trenchless' technology

To upgrade the sewer, we will use a trenchless technology technique called 'relining'. This technology allows us to reline the inside of the existing sewer with new, structurally sound liner which becomes the new wall of the sewer.  The trenchless approach has several benefits including;

  • disruptions and inconveniences at street level are kept to a minimum, and residents and businesses don't have to worry about open trenching construction techniques to install new sewer pipes
  • upgrade works will be completed more efficiently compared to traditional trenching methods

Cured in Pipe Process (CIPP)

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I have a problem with my water or sewerage services?

We do not anticipate any impacts on your water or sewerage services during the works.

If you experience an issue with your sewerage service, contact your retail water company: Greater Western Water (13 44 99).

What is the above ground pipework you have installed for?

You will notice the project will install lengths of pipe above the ground in various areas. The pipework is an important part of the sewer bypass network which will allow local sewerage services to operate while relining is underway. Pumps and generators will be set up as part of the network and operate during the works. In some areas for example across driveways and roads, the pipework will be buried to allow vehicle access.

Why are you working at night?

Night works will be required for preparation works and relining works when sewer and traffic flows are at their lowest. Additionally, the relining process cannot stop once it has started and curing the line takes many hours.

Will the works generate any noise?

Noise will be generated from the operation of machinery including large trucks which clean the sewer and suck out the content removed during the process. Generators, cranes and noise from the work crew is also expected. Mitigation measures for noise will be implemented where possible.

Will there be any odour?

Some odour is expected when harmless gases escape maintenance holes when opened. We aim to minimise and localise this as much as practicable.

We recommend keeping doors and windows closed when we are working near your property.

What are the impacts on traffic (parking, cyclists and pedestrians)?

There will be changes to traffic conditions, including lane and road closures, parking restrictions and alternative driveway access for some properties.

Detours will be in place for traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. We encourage you to be careful around work areas and observe signage.

Keeping you informed

Further information will be provided before starting each stage as works.

If you would like more information about the Epsom Road main sewer renewal project, please contact us on:

      1800 027 517

      [email protected]

Last updated:
29 September 2022