As a result of the recent high rainfalls and subsequent flooding Melbourne Water is working with emergency services and other relevant agencies to review the impacts to our waterways and assets. 

For flood or storm emergency assistance, contact the VIC SES on 132 500 and for life threatening emergencies call 000. 

You can access current emergency information by calling the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226 or sign up to receive regular updates regarding flooding via the emergency.vic.gov.au website and app.


Keep construction running to plan by making the most of our resources, including drawings and specifications, and avoid delays in getting your certificate of practical completion and reimbursement.

We pay most of the reimbursement once we issue the certificate — the remainder is held until the defects liability period finishes.

Before this step:

  • You'll have completed a number of pre-construction activities, including submitting your site environmental management plan.
  • Give us at least five working days' notice of your intention to start construction by submitting your pre-construction certification statement and checklist.

What you need to do

Complete the works to our standards and submit the required documentation to obtain your certificate of practical completion, letter of release (if required) and major reimbursement amount.

Give notice of any delay

You must give us at least two working days' notice from the start date if construction is going to be delayed.

We also need to know your new start date at least two working days before it commences.

Follow our construction specifications

It’s important that you follow our construction specifications.

You can view our construction specifications at any time. The topics include:

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • materials
  • excavation
  • installation of pipelines
  • backfilling
  • rockwork

If you’re unsure whether your works are compliant, our standard drawings show example construction specifications:

Ensure the works comply with your design

Your works must match your design, unless we give you permission to change them.

If the contractor’s works do not match the design or meet our construction standards, the principal may be asked to rectify them at their cost.

For guidelines on construction, view our Construction of works page.

Our Business Improvement team will:

  • visit your site during construction to make sure the work complies with our standards
  • monitor your site environmental management plan throughout the construction period

For more complex or unfamiliar work, you should consider building a small sample section of work and have it assessed by your Surveillance Officer. You can then proceed based on a favourable review.

Advise us of completion of works

When the works are finished, submit your construction certification statement:

  • Use our construction certification checklist to check that you're ready to lodge your construction certification statement.
  • Review all conditions in the works offer before submitting the statement.

Submit your ‘as-constructed’ plans

Use our as-constructed survey certification checklist to check that the plans you are submitting contain all necessary detail.

Once you are confident you are ready to submit your ‘as-constructed’ plans, complete the following form and submit it to us:

Once we have accepted your construction certification statement, including as-constructed information, we will:

  • issue you the certificate of practical completion
  • provide you with a letter of release for the subdivision (if one has been requested)
  • pay the reimbursement, less the amount  held until the defects liability period finishes

Thinking ahead

Finalise your maintenance agreement with our Business Improvement team.

Avoid delays obtaining your final reimbursement instalment and certificate of completion for the project by agreeing on the maintenance agreement early.

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Last updated:
17 September 2021