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Community lends a hand as we continue the project to rehabilitate Stony Creek

frog pond
The new frog pond built at Drew Street in Yarraville to create an off-stream habitat for frogs and birds. The pond also naturally filters stormwater before it reaches Stony Creek.

A new frog pond and a range of community events are among the highlights of the second annual report card of the Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan.

The report card provides an update on the status and progress of 18 actions carried out between July last year and August this year.

The list includes many important projects, ranging from on-the-ground works and new infrastructure, to education activities, improved water quality monitoring and more resourcing.

Among the highlights in the report card are:

  • a new frog pond was installed at Drew Street in Yarraville to create an off-stream habitat for frogs and birds, a new habitat for native wildlife while naturally filtering stormwater before it reaches the creek;

  • FOSC event

    the Friends of Cruikshank Park and Friends of Stony Creek hosted a number of community events throughout the year including Clean Up Australia day activities, information displays at the Yarraville Festival, a bird walk, a pop-up toddler play space, frog pond planting activity, a Community Day in April 2021;
  • research partnerships with RMIT produced insights into water and sediment quality and a comprehensive litter survey. Recommendations from these studies will be taken on board and used into the future; the
  • EPA’s West Metro team along with their Maribyrnong Officer for the Protection of the Local Environment (OPLE), conducted an inspection blitz, covering nine locations in one day at Sara Grove, Tottenham.

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The Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan (2019–2029) outlines a 10-year program of actions for project partners and the community to work together to restore, enhance and protect the condition of the creek and its surrounding environment into the future.

The long-term rehabilitation of Stony Creek following the August 2018 warehouse fire at nearby Tottenham requires a sustained effort to improve the condition of the creek into the future.

The actions progressed in the past year add to the progress of the Plan and bring the community’s vision for Stony Creek to life.