As a result of the recent high rainfalls and subsequent flooding Melbourne Water is working with emergency services and other relevant agencies to review the impacts to our waterways and assets. 

For flood or storm emergency assistance, contact the VIC SES on 132 500 and for life threatening emergencies call 000. 

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Church Street Stormwater Drain Rehabilitation

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Melbourne Water is re-lining the Church Street stormwater drain in Hawthorn. This work will ensure the drain continues to operate safely.

Late last year community was notified of the Church Street Stormwater Rehabilitation work to commence in April 2022, due to some unforeseen delays with machinery we were unable to start as planned. Contractors Aqua Metro Services on behalf of Melbourne Water will now start works in November 2022. 

About the project

Melbourne Water is re-lining a section of the Church Street stormwater drain between Church Street and College Street, Hawthorn. The drain will be accessed through manholes along Church Street, College Street and Smart Street Reserve. As we conduct work you'll notice machinery set up around manholes, this machinery helps feed a new lining called GeoKrete into the existing stormwater drain. 

The image shows machinery set up at the opening of a manhole with a lining being fed down into the existing drain below ground, to the left  of the existing drain there is a plug to stop flow through the main whilst the new Geokrete lining is being fed through the left side of the existing main.
Image of how Geokrete will be installed











Project overview 

Works will involve: 

  • Relining the section of drain under Smart Street Reserve between Church Street and College Street, Hawthorn
  • Creating a new Melbourne Water stormwater manhole in Smart Street Reserve near the College Street entrance
  • Upgrading the Melbourne Water stormwater manhole located near Church Street
  • Patching some sections of the drain along Church Street from Smart Street Reserve to Barkers Road, Hawthorn
  • Patching sections of the drain between Smart Street Reserve and Spencer Street, Hawthorn
  • Majority of works will take place from manholes located within the Smart Street Reserve, Hawthorn.

Please refer to the location map for further information.

Map of project area indicating re-lining and manhole works.
Church Street Stormwater Rehabilitation Project Map

What to expect

Contractors Aqua Metro Services will complete this project on behalf of Melbourne Water. While every effort is made to minimise disruption to community, during works you may notice: 

  • Dust 
  • Noise
  • Increased vehicle movements in and out of Smart Street Reserve
  • Pathway diversions within Smart Street Reserve
  • Partial road closures along Smart Street and College Street
  • Removal of some small plants near the Church Street end of Smart Street Reserve
  • Temporary closure of the closure of the Smart Street Playgrounds for the duration of works

Melbourne Water understands the value of trees and plants to communities and will work with Council to reinstate the area. 

What next

In the coming weeks we’ll letter drop and door knock residents and businesses to let them know about the
upcoming works. We’re still in the planning stages for this project and will continue to provide updates to the community as information becomes available.


Not Started

Late 2022

New manhole and manhole upgrade works

Not Started

Early 2023

Re-lining and patch work to commence

Not Started

Mid 2023

Construction complete

Contact us

For more information about this project please call the project team on 1800 960 977 or email [email protected]

Last updated:
14 September 2022