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Western Treatment Plant: More than just world-class sewage treatment

Meet Alanna, Manager of the Western Treatment Plant, and hear why she thinks the Western Treatment Plant is so special.

14 July 2022
Audio described version


Narrator – N1 (Alanna Wright)

N1: I think it’s a little bit different from most treatment plants. It is absolutely massive, it’s the size of Phillip Island. 

[Aerial footage of the Western Treatment Plant conservation area including vegetation and conservation ponds] 

[on-screen text: Alanna Wright. Melbourne Water, Manager Western Treatment Plant.] 

N1: It’s a treatment plant, it’s a Ramsar wetland, it has resource recovery.

[Footage of Alanna Wright, Manager Western Treatment Plant, speaking in front of heritage casings used to mold sewerage pipes] 

[on-screen text: A Ramsar wetland is recognised as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.]

N1: Every change in the process or every different type of treatment that we put in place is another step to improvement.

[A painting shows an aerial view of the Western Treatment Plant key operation areas, including giant tanks called clarifiers which assist with secondary treatment of sewage] 

N1: Being more efficient and I guess, being able to serve the community better. 

[Footage of sewage flowing out of pipes into an open sewer channel, and recycled water from the Western Treatment Plant watering vegetable crops] 

[Aerial footage of the Western Treatment Plant treatment and conservation lagoons] 

[on screen text Melbourne Water logo www.melbournewater.com.au]