We strive to be a parish which is an hospitable open door community of Jesus Christ, incorporating a wide range of people into our life and worship. We meet for worship on Sundays at the three venues above and also in smaller groups during the week. Alongside building Christian community together, we seek to serve and relate to the wider community in various ways. Our roots and motivation come from the dynamic movement of orthodox Christianity and the apostolic witness. We continue to value our traditions and develop them, We also strive to find and establish fresh expressions of church for the 21st century culture in which we live.

We seek to be open to other traditions, to work with other churches and seek wider Christian unity. Consistent with our Presbyterian heritage we strive to involve all our members (and associate members) in our decision-making and action. In a rapidly changing world we depend on the leading of God’s Spirit. We seek to be alert to our gifts and those of people around us and, be ready to try new ways of using our talents to build a caring society which reflects, where possible, the kingdom of God.


Loving for Christ’s sake