At Coastal Unity, we strive to be an hospitable open-door community of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus opened himself to all and so opened the reign of God to all, we, at Coastal Unity, seek to do the same. 

All are welcome! Regardless of your race, gender or sexual orientation; regardless of your social, economic, educational, linguistic or relationship status; regardless of your citizenship, religious or cultural background or makeup of your family; and regardless of your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual condition; there is a place for YOU in our community worship, service and life.


Coastal Unity is a parish with two main worshipping congregations who meet Sunday mornings at Caversham Presbyterian (Thorn St, 9.30am) and St Margaret’s Green Island (Main South Road, 10.30am).

We are Presbyterian (Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand), rooted in the Reformed Tradition and the wider movement of historic Christian faith and witness. From this tradition, we seek to serve and relate to the wider community, especially its more needy members and our immediate neighbours, after the manner of Jesus. We do this carrying in our hearts and sometimes in our words the news of his life and hope of its completion.

Alongside worship that is familiar, especially to our older generation, we are developing ‘fresh expressions’ of Christian worship and community which are more culturally accessible for the 21st century world we live in.

We seek to be open to other traditions, to work with other churches and seek wider Christian unity.


Consistent with our Presbyterian heritage we strive to involve all our members (and associate members) in our decision-making and action. In a rapidly changing world, we depend on the leading and gifting of God’s Spirit among us and beyond us.